Jen Seaborn
Box 229
Grandora, SK
S0K 1V0
Cowcutta ACDs is owned by Jen Seaborn and Shamus Page. We live on a small farm in Grandora, Saskatchewan. We raise commerical hair cross sheep, have a few horses and usually more critters kicking around.
We are COE members of the ACDCC. Jen has been Secretary for a number of years now, and Shamus is currently President. We hosted the 2005 National Specialy, and host herding events annually.

Our foundation bitch "Levi" really is special. She is a real trooper. In December 2003 she was hit by a car that was pulling into our farm yard. She suffered a few broken ribs, a ruptured spleen, torn liver, severe heart and lung contusions as well as a fractured spine, which the good vets at the WCVM (thank you Dr. Lori!) put back together with many many pins. While this injury prevents Levi from entering the showring, her handicap didn't stop her working ability. At the 2005 ACDCC National Herding Trial, she took HIT!

Wait!! Those are kittens not puppies!! This is the litter that Levi raised one year. Three young kittens were orphaned in out garage. At that time, we didn't own any cats. Levi had never really been around cats, and she took to the kittens like they were her own.